Introducing Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part I

The next two weeks we will be highlighting the inspired thought leaders who will be speaking at Ecocity World Summit 2009.

Today: Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis & Sahar Attia

Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, Founder and President, Biopolitics International Organization (B.I.O.), Athens, GREECE

arvanitis_agniThe Biopolitics International Organization (B.I.O.) is an non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Athens, Greece. Over the course of its history, B.I.O. has been promoting a shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric system of values in society, in order to curb environmental destruction and place appreciation of the environment at the core of every human endeavour. B.I.O. has held numerous international conferences and symposia, paving the way for the development of new strategies to secure environmental protection as a primary societal aim.

Appearing Sunday, December 13, 17:15-18:15 Session 5: Biology and Wildlife in our Lives

Sahar Attia, Cairo University, Cairo, EGYPT

attia_saharDr. Sahar Attia is Professor of Planning & Urban Design at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. With a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from the Urban Institute of Paris, France. She is Technical Coordinator and Urban Planning Consultant for improving the informal settlements in Eygpt. Her work is centered around cultural and natural heritage conservation in Mediterranean cities. Dr. Attia currently serves as Secretary of the committee of “Urban Planning and New Communities” – The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, The Ministry of Scientific Research, Egypt. She is also a member of the Research Institute for Development.

Appearing Monday, December 14, 13:45-15:15 Session 3: Sustainable City Design, Layout and Planning

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