Freiburg, Germany: The Solar City

Central to the creation of the Freiburg of today is the energy and vision of the city’s Head Planner, Wulf Daseking. An inspiring leader, he has, over the last twenty years been involved in many of the initiatives that have resulted in Freiburg’s current status as Germany’s ecological capital.

Wulf Daseking has been the director of the city planning office in Freiburg, Germany, since 1984. For six years before that, he held a similar role at Müllheim/Ruhr. At Freiburg, Wulf is responsible for urban development, land development, landscape planning, master plan development and individual projects. He is a member of the Architects CouncilBaden/Württemberg, an associate member of the German Federation of Architects, a member of the German Academy of Urban and Rural Development/Berlin and a member of the expert committee city planning of the German Congress of Cities. Wulf is also a lecturer in city planning at Freiburg University and at Darmstadt/University of Architecture.

7 Responses to Freiburg, Germany: The Solar City

  1. Irini phresadou says:

    Ich bin architektin und stadtplanerin, absolventin der THDarmstadt in1986 und der E TH Zuerich in 1988.Seit 1989 bin taetig in Athen, griechenland als architektin, planerin und journalistin als mitarbeiterin der zeitung. Ich interessiere mich fuer ein interview mit Dr.Wulf Daseking und allgemein ueber die aktivitaeten der stadt freiburg was oekologisce stadtplanung betrifft.

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  5. Christoph Ax says:

    Hallo Irini, bin dabei mir etwas land in Griechenland zu kaufen … LG Christoph Ax

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