Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part X

November 20, 2009

Today: Andrew McKillop & Suha Ozkan

Andrew McKillop, energy expert and economic analyst, FRANCE
Andrew McKillop is a writer and consultant on oil and energy economics. Since 1975 he has worked in energy, economic and scientific organizations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. These include the Canada Science Council, the ILO, European Commission, Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and South Pacific, and the World Bank. He is a founding member of the Asian chapter of the International Association of Energy Economics. He has published widely in journals including the Ecologist, the New Scientist and Le Monde Diplomatique. He writes and consults about the impact of oil prices on the economy and currently advises the ECOHABITAT sustainable housing and property development project near the French, Belgium and Luxemburg borders.

Suha Ozkan, Architect, Urban Planner, Historian, Theorist, Founding Chairman, World Architecture Community, TURKEY
ozkan_suhaDr. Özkan has undertaken extensive research on the theory and history of architecture, design, vernacular form, and emergency housing, and has published over 300 articles and numerous monographs. These have been translated into French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Bhasa. At METU, he taught architectural design and design theory for fifteen years, and became Associate Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in 1978. Then he was appointed as Vice-President of the university in 1979-1982. He taught and lectured extensively in North America, Europe, Central-, South-, and Southeast Asia, and throughout the Middle East. Presently he is the Founding Chairman of World Architecture Community {WAC} a Geneva and Istanbul based international consultancy company. WAC has established an internet based interactive World-wide architecture and planning community which has been breaking world records among architectural sites since August 2008. In 2008 he curated an exhibition on contemporary Turkish architecture entitled 7 Architects from 7 Hills which was displayed in Turin at Palazzo Bertalazone di San Fermo.