Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part XII

November 24, 2009

Today: Hiroaki Suzuki & Sudarshan Tiwari

Hiroaki Suzuki, Lead Urban Specialist, Finance Economics & Urban Department, the World Bank
Hiroaki Suzuki has more than 20 years of the World Bank operational experiences in infrastructure sector and public sector management. Having worked in East Asia and Pacific Region, as East Asia Urban Sector Leader/China Urban Sector Coordinator for the last five years, he recently joined the World Bank’s corporate Finance Economics & Urban Department (FEU). He is the principal author of “Eco2 cities: Ecological Cities as Economic Cities (”. Eco2 cities initiative which helps cities in developing countries achieve ecological and economic sustainability is a World Bank’s new urban sector business line which has been adopted as an integral part of the World Bank’s new urban sector strategy which will be launched, soon.

Sudarshan Tiwari, Architect and City Historian, Katmandu, NEPAL
tiwari_sudarshanDr Tiwari is an architect and cultural historian and scholar of the Katmandu Valley of Nepal. Sudarshan earned degrees in architecture from the University of Delhi and the University of Hawaii. He has served in the faculty of Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Engineering for more than 25 years, and was Dean of the Institute between 1988 and 1992. His own interest drew him to the study of Nepali historical architecture, urbanism and conservation, which led to a PhD from Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, for his work on the ancient settlements of the Katmandu Valley. Sudarshan Tiwari: