The new city in China will consist of 150 square kilometers with an initial stage that will have a scope of 30 square kilometers. A deep-water port and industrial area are also being planned in conjunction with the city.

Sweden’s Sweco says it is engaged for a series of efforts to ensure that environmental aspects are taken into consideration within the city’s design. The assignment is part of the letter of intent that was signed between the Chinese city, Tangshan, and Sweden during Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt’s visit to China in April. The assignment shall be structured so that Swedish environmental technology companies are given good opportunities to participate in the design and construction of the city and the region. So far, Sweco has signed a contract for the assignment valued at SEK10 million.

“China is in great need of new cities that can relieve the pressure on the country’s congested and polluted mega-cities. Sweco has worked in the country over the last eight years and has developed a number of cities and communities with ecological profiles, but this is the largest assignment so far,” stated Eva Nygren, managing director for Sweco Sweden.

Sweco shall also plan an exhibition building for sustainable development, which will be used to market Swedish environmental technology. The assignment is being carried out for the Administrative Committee of Tangshan Caofeidian Industry Zone.

City of Tangshan, the proposed ecocity will be located in the Tangshan region