The Ecocity Summit 2013 Program is unveiled

More exciting developments on the 2013 Ecocity Summit! After culling from over 500 proposals from 48 different countries, the summit organizers have unveiled their final program selections. September 25-27 will be packed with 100 diverse, thought provoking and enlightening lectures, workshops and presentations.

A bit about the Ecocity Summit Program:

The program organizers have used a novel grouping system to select the presenters and organize the program information. Firstly, each presentation or workshop at the summit addresses one or more of the five main themes:

– Reducing the environmental footprint

– Addressing energy challenges of the city

– Organizing and systems

– Strengthening solidarity and participation

– Mobilizing enabling factors

Presentations are further grouped under approach categories, including thinking, shaping, financing and governing. A matrix of all the planned programs enables you to searching for theme or approach so you can easily find the programs and themes you are most interested in.

You can also view a tentative scheduling of the programs here: Pre-program schedule.

Early registration is now underway for the Summit Conference and there are numerous benefits to signing up early. Visit the Ecocity Summit website to register now!



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