Sustainable Cities: 178 mayors elected in the first round joined the program

Candidates who have been to the second round and now even the elected can still sign the letter of engagement platform, which offers a full agenda for sustainable development
Airton Goes

Balance of the Sustainable Cities Programme on accession candidates for mayor until the first round of municipal elections reveals that 178 of those elected are signatories to the commitment letter from the platform. By signing the document, these future municipal executives pledged to put into practice in their management proposals to promote sustainable development of cities.
Among the cities that already in the first round, elected mayors committed to the program are five state capitals: Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Porto Alegre, Goiânia and Maceio.
The survey records that, in total, 548 candidates for mayor of 330 cities have signed the commitment letter. Among the municipalities where there is runoff to choose the mayor, 30 candidates have committed to the program. In 14 of them – including eight state capitals – the two rivals signed the commitment letter.

The organizations Sustainable Cities – Our Network São Paulo, Instituto Ethos and Brazilian Social Network for Fair and Sustainable Cities – estimate that the number of accessions and elected mayors committed to the program has surpassed initial expectations. Even so, report that the engagement letter can still be signed by candidates who passed the second round and also by the mayors elected on October 7 that have an interest in promoting the sustainable development of their communities.
Sustainable Cities Programme
Totally nonpartisan, the Sustainable Cities Programme aims to raise awareness, mobilize and provide tools for Brazilian cities to develop economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. For this, it offers candidates a full schedule of urban sustainability, a set of indicators associated with this agenda, and a bank of best practices with national and international examples as references to be pursued by municipal administrators. The program is complemented by a campaign to sensitize voters to choose sustainability as a criterion for voting and candidates to embrace the sustainability agenda.


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