Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part XIII

Today: Brent Toderian, Rusong Wang & Ken Yeang

Brent Toderian, Director of Planning, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
toderian_brentIn 2006, Brent Toderian was appointed the City of Vancouver’s Director of Cent Planning, succeeding celebrated Co-Directos Larry Beasley and Dr,. Ann Mcafee. his broad mandate involves current planning, including the many projects related to the 2010 Winter Olympics, and visioning/CityPlans, including the new “EcoDensity” citywide initiative recently adopted by the City. EcoDensity is based on the premise that strategically located, sustainably designed density can reduce the City’s ecological footprint while making vancouver more sustainable, livable and affordable. Since arriving, Brent’s been encouraging candid, city-wide dialogue around an evolving urbanism, with bold opportunities around sustainability, creativity and architectural risk taking. Vancouver Ecodensity:

Rusong Wang, President, Ecological Society of China, Co-convener, Ecocity World Summit 2008, CHINA
wang_rusongMr Rusong Wang is head of the Center for Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Science and has been one of the pioneering leaders in ecological city theory and support of those practicing the sciences and arts of ecocity building. He is one of the founders of the Ecological Society of China and he has been one of the most accomplished ecologists and champion of solutions in waste treatment and pollution abatement for the health delivery systems in China. Internationally he is known as one of the founders of SCOPE – Scientific Committee on Problems in the Environment. Rusong has convend many conferences for SCOPE kindred to the International Ecocity Conferences. He expounds a theory based on ancient Chinese tradition and on remapping cities for reshaping them for minimum energy demand and maximum ecodiversity. He is also a member of the Peoples Congress of China. Ecological Society of China:


One Response to Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part XIII

  1. I am so thankful, as we all should be, for the enduring efforts of Professor Wang Ru-Song, Richard Register and their respective teams to bring eco-cities and eco-civilization to China and the world.

    The timing, while the world is looking for sustainable solutions in Copenhagen and in Istanbul is perfect, and WILL result in more Peace, Harmony and Balance in our pressured Societies, stressed Environment and battered Economies.

    The technology of Sustainable Cities and balanced decisions by the People who live in them are the quickest route to meeting targets and global sustainability.

    I wish I could be there to introduce and share the Sustainability Symbol, its meaning and effect.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Philip McMaster
    Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project

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