Ecocity World Summit Speakers, Part VI

The next two weeks we will be highlighting the inspired thought leaders who will be speaking at Ecocity World Summit 2009.

Today: Colin Grant & Muammer Guler

Colin Grant, Founder and CEO, Visible Strategies, Vancouver, CANADA

grant_colinMr Grant has worked as a strategic adviser to leaders worldwide helping them to achieve meaningful, sustainable results in the face of the world’s most difficult challenges. He is a Board Member of the International Center for Sustainable Cities, a member of the Vancouver Mayor’s Sustainability Council and the Vancouver Climate Leader’s Group. he received the UK Governments’ Millennium Products Award for developing and commercializing a process that allows naturally occurring organisms to consume toxic waste products. He has coached top-level athletes in his favorite sport of skiing and has inspired Scottish skiers to Olympic medal success. Visible Strategies:

Monday, December 14, 17:15-18:15 Session 5: Planning Tools for Sustainablity

Muammer Guler, Governor of Istanbul Province TURKEY

gulerMr. Gular completed his primary education in Ankara and graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ankara in 1972. Güler began his career as candidate District Governor on March 14, 1973 in Balıkesir. After taking post as Deputy District Governor of Çal in Denizli Province and then District Governor of Pehlivanköy in Kırklareli Province and Horasan in Erzurum Province, he was assigned to the Directorate of Personnel Branch at the Ministry of Interior, where he served as Branch Director and later as Director General. On September 27, 1993 he was assigned as Governor of Nigde Province. From January 29, 1992 on he was Governor of Kayseri Province. After serving as Governor of Gaziantep Province between July 6, 1994 and July 28, 2000, Güler moved to Samsun Province as Governor. Since February 17 2003 he has been the Governor of Istanbul Province.

Sunday, December 13, 9:30-11:10 Session 1: Welcoming Ceremonies, Opening Statements: State of Nature and the Long View


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