8th Ecocity World Summit, December 13 -15, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

Register or get more info at Ecocity 2009.

When you hear over 50% of people now live in cities consider that probably over 95% live in cities, towns and villages. Caves, home on the range and hunter-gather walk-abouts just aren’t what they used to be.

Well then, if everybody lives in the “built environment,” how then is it built?

Answer: Badly, and as the largest creation of humanity, the built environment, especially its city form, is by far the largest cause of climate change, habit destruction and the collapse of species around the globe in urban expansion. Excuse us – SUB-urban, automobile dependent expansion. For the car city is destroying the world. Not just by itself but with its partners: low density development, paving and cheap energy (which won’t be much longer).

Facing this reality with the idea that we can build cities that actually build soil, regenerate biodiversity and cool the Earth by making room for massive reforestation on our over-stressed planet with its gathering fever – that could make for an interesting conference.

The place is one of the most interesting in the world, one might say fascinating, exotic, amazing: Istanbul, Turkey, cross roads and cross waters of worlds ancient and modern and troubled and future.

Consider this: cities are the single largest source of carbon emissions contributing to climate change, but city dwellers on average have lower carbon footprints per capita than their rural counterparts because they rely much less on cars.

And consider this too: If Washington D.C. were to be transformed into a high-density public transit and pedestrian centric city, its current annual per capita carbon emissions (19.7 tons of CO2) could be reduced to resemble those of Barcelona (3.4) or Rio de Janeiro (2.3). (Chart)

But enough about that – now what about us?

Ecocity 2009 in Istanbul will bring together visionary architects, planners, designers, policy makers, green businesses, nonprofits and civic leaders from China, Australia, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, France, Nepal, Egypt, India, USA, Singapore, Brazil, Kenya, of course Turkey and many other countries. The conference will stream live feeds from the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, connecting the pivotal issue of ecological urban development to the overarching goal of reducing worldwide Greenhouse gas emissions.

Meantime, back at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen which will be happening at the same time, will they be talking about the largest things we build? They didn’t in Bali two years ago or in Poland last year and the subject of the effects of city design and urban layout is not on the agenda yet again. Big goal at Istanbul: finally get the climate scientists, activists, politicians and sympathetic media into the conversation about the connection between cities, in all their wild diversity from massively damaging to pretty good, and climate change. What if cities were designed from the get-go to be ever so healthy? With the real pioneers in ecological cities at Istanbul, maybe that’s where the future’s fulcrum really lies.

First held in Berkeley in 1990, this year’s Ecocity World Summit follows previous annual conferences held in Australia, Senegal, Brazil, China, India and San Francisco. This year Ecocity Builders will produce The Ecocity Challenge, a special four-hour session where conference participants will begin to define internationally accepted principles and metrics to evaluate the performance of ecocity projects worldwide.

Join an international community of inspired thought leaders to create viable solutions that are sustainable, healthy and socially just.

Register or get more info at Ecocity 2009.

Contact: Richard Register, ecocity (at) igc.org

Sponsored by: Ecocity Builders, Lankson & PR


4 Responses to 8th Ecocity World Summit, December 13 -15, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

  1. eliotdiamond says:

    The fact that our cities could be and need to be better designed is obvious. Unless you are going to tear them down and rebuild from the ground up the challenge is insurmountable.

    The fact remains we live in a culture where it is “every person for themselves.”

    Until that changes to a philosophy “for the greatest good for all humankind,” you are just pissing into the wind.

    Changing the mindset must come first, then you may be able to save the earth from the earthlings. Better hurry up!

  2. Thank your for the information. As a builder, I always value people who add value to the information available to educate consumers/readers especially with what’s happening in the world right now, with climate change.

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