Spotlight on the City of Miami

In March of this year, the City of Miami was ranked #1 on the list of America’s Cleanest Cities.

Under Major Diaz’s leadership, several green initiatives the City of Miami that have been implemented in recent years include:

  • Citywide Tree Master Plan: Resulting from a unique coordination between then city and county, the Plan will be used as a framework to coordinate efforts to restore and enhance the City’s tree canopy with a goal of a minimum of 30 percent tree canopy coverage, City-wide, by 2020.
  • Smart Sponge: The installation and maintenance of the Smart Sponge on City Hall property and throughout the city. The Smart Sponge is a device that is installed inside storm water drains to trap debris, oil, pollution, bacteria, pathogens and trash from entering waterways.
  • Green Fleet Program: A resolution has passed directing the City Manager to establish a Green Fleet Program to assure that the city is purchasing, leasing, or obtaining the most energy efficient vehicles and vessels possible.
  • In partnership EcoMedia, an environmental media company, the City has worked on other initiatives including City Hall Energy Efficiency Project, the Miami Green Lab, the Miami BayWash Program and the Miami Tree Canopy Initiative.

For a list of the City of Miami’s Sustainability Initiatives, click here.


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