Ken Yeang on Green Building

Ken Yeang speaks about the importance of designing buildings to imitate nature (no waste, renewable energy sources) and emphasizes that making the world green is an ethical issue.


2 Responses to Ken Yeang on Green Building

  1. “You, me and the bugs,” eh? Great line. And essential observation that buildings need a better balance of organics with inorganic mass. We love plants, soil, animals — and yet we spend 90% plus of our time indoors where there is a poverty of those essential earthly neighbors and infrastructure. As to green being an ethical issue rather than economically justified — I disagree. The ethics of survival is embedded in economics. And our work, businesses, etc. are the PRODUCTIVITY of our lives…just clustered in a public space. Work is about survival first — not ethics. Then comes ethics when we get beyond greed and into community relationships. You’re right that the two cannot be separated, but I think survival comes first…then how we organize ourselves and how we treat one another. Great interview…good insights! Carolyn

  2. Shruti Shankar says:

    Definitely true that technology is but a part of the solution to greening the building industry, and the impetus should be from all aspects of living in the 21st century. I do also agree that green is never ever going to be justified on a commercial front (sorry Carolyn! ) because commercialism inherently rests on the consumerist ideal of the modern society – and greater consumption of goods and resources is, in my opinion, directly opposite in values to Sustainability!

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