California State Assembly Approves California High-Speed Rail Legislation

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The California State Assembly last night approved AB 3034 (Gagliani/Ma) by a vote of 60-3. The legislation improves existing California High Speed Train Bond Act by strengthening provisions for financial controls, environmental findings and construction implementation.

The technical amendments in AB 3034 clarify construction and financing requirements for the $9.95 billion dollar bond measure, which will be on the November 2008 statewide ballot. The bill also prioritizes construction segments based on financial readiness and ability to leverage local, federal, and private funds.

Prior to passage on the Assembly floor, two Assembly committees, Assembly Transportation and Assembly Appropriations approved the measure without any negative votes.

Judge Quentin Kopp, Chairman of the California High-Speed Authority commented, “The strong vote on the Assembly floor reflects increasing vitality and enthusiasm for high-speed rail in California. Despite past vicissitudes, the Assembly’s overwhelming vote demonstrates California’s purposeful progress in providing 200 mile per hour train service from southern California through the Central Valley to the Bay Area and Sacramento.”

AB 3034 will now move to the California State Senate for approval.

Vote was taken on May 30, 2008

(Video overview of the proposed CA High Speed Rail project)


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