Jordan to build Green City for One Million

The master planners behind Masdar City in Abu Dhabi recently announced that they would be completing a similar project near the outskirts of the capital city Amman in Jordan. The new city is expected to support up to one million residents (more than 10 times the size of Masdar City), and aims to fill the need for middle class housing in the country.

According to the Abu Dhabi newspaper The National, the project will not be zero carbon but will incorporate many sustainable elements- “waste and water will be recycled and reused, housing will be built and orientated to take advantage of prevailing winds and maximise energy efficiency, efficient district-wide systems will handle heating and cooling, and electricity will come from planned wind and solar thermal plants, or be generated on site.” The planners believe that environmental goals will be easier to reach than for Masdar City due to the temperate weather and the ingrained sustainable habits of Jordanians. The project is excepted to break ground early next year.


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