Shanfeng Dong at Day 2

Shanfeng Dong – Chief Planner, Shanghai International Investment Company, (SIIC), Shanghai, China

Shanfeng Dong started his career as a chief architect and developer, and has become a recognized project leader in Beijing.  After initiating several sustainability projects in China in 2002, he began work on the first Eco-city, Dongtan, with SIIC just as the project was beginning. Shanfeng now manages 5 Eco-city projects for SIIC in China.  He has established a multi-disciplinary team for both project management and research during the city development experience.  He is greatly interest in delivering and incorporating culture and philosophy into the city environment and consequently set up a Cultural Planning team to research and implement those findings in Eco-cities.

Shanghai International Investment Company:


One Response to Shanfeng Dong at Day 2

  1. John Morgan says:

    To Shanfeng Dong:

    I was delighted by your presentation. I am especially impressed by your concern for the spirit as well as for the eco-technologies in the eco-cities we are building because this seems to be neglected by most eco-cities visionaries, and as you do, I know it is vital. You may be interested in the write up on this for Eros Villages in my profile for networking from the eco-cities conferrence.

    Please give me references on how to see the goals and strategies for this part of the eco-cities designs you are developing. Thank you very much.

    John Morgan

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