Good Morning World

It is 8 am in San Francisco and we’re looking forward to the program:


The Future of Transportation and City Structure

  • Jeff Kenworthy, world expert on urban form and function, Perth, Australia
  • Fiona Ma, CA State Assembly Majority Whip, Chair of the Legislative High-Speed  Rail Caucus
  • Wulf Daseking, Director of Planning, City of Freiburg, Germany

Moderator: Peter Albert, Deputy Director, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency


Main Hall:  The Future of Energy Tuned to Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Nancy McFadden, Sr. VP, Public Affairs, PG&E, past Deputy Chief of Staff to US Vice President Al Gore, past Chief Counsel to US Department of Transportation
  • Charlie Ricker, Senior Vice President, Bright Source Energy, (solar energy), Oakland CA and Jerusalem, Israel
  • Peter Droege, Chair, World Council for Renewable Energy, Asia Pacific, author, “Renewable City,” Sydney, Australia

Moderator: Wade Crowfoot, Sustainability Officer, San Francisco Mayor’s Office


Main Hall : The Future of Information Technology and Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Doug Eberhard, Senior Director, Autodesk Geospatial Division, new systems for design and planning visualizations, San Rafael, CA
  • Colin Grant, Founder and CEO, Visible Strategies, strategy mapping and reporting software, Vancouver, Canada
  • Gil Friend, CEO, Natural Logic, metrics for successful sustainable businesses, Berkeley, CA

Moderator: Michael Gosney, infotech media guru


Main Hall: The Future of Consumption, Population and Equity

  • Mathis Wackernagel, Executive Director, Global Footprint Network, Oakland, California
  • Carolyn Finney, Assistant Professor/Geographer at University of California, Berkeley, California
  • Jennie Moore,  Director, Sustainable Stewardship Program, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada

Moderator: Claire Greensfelder, International Forum on Globalization, SanFrancisco


Main Hall : Economy, Business, and City Building

  • Steve Pinetti, Sr. V.P. for Sales and Marketing Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, on greening hotels and restaurants
  • Shanfeng Dong, Chief Planner, Shanghai Int’l. Investment Co., Shanghai, China
  • ZhenHua Qian, Shanghai Architectural Society, Shanghai, China

Moderator: Lesley Nagy, Your TV 20, San Francisco


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