Ambika Shukla Speaks

Ambika Shukla, Trustee and frequently speaker for People for Animals, the oldest and largest animal welfare NGO in India, which she runs with her sister Maneka Gandhi and the Trustees, is also executive producer of a weekly animal program, anchoring programs in Hindi and English. Previously she was a television show scriptwriter and creative director of a major advertising agency of Mozambique. People for Animals works for many animal welfare objectives: protecting endangered species, stoping wild game hunting, promoting vegetarianism, setting up animal shelters and hospitals, making animal rights education compulsory, closing down the trade in furs.

People for Animals:


One Response to Ambika Shukla Speaks

  1. Udayan Sinha says:

    Ms. Shukla’s speech is very well researched and advocates a rational and sensible lifestyle. The question is as being vegan means avoiding dairy products also, can the nutritious value of milk to children and its easy availibility in rural areas mitigate the environmental impact?

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