Liveblogging opening plenary @ Ecocity 2008 in San Francisco

Richard Register, humble as ever, opened with Rusong Wang and Jared Blumenfeld.

We’re here at the Nobb Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, surrounded by world leaders from every conceivable urban environment, and it feels like a gathering of friends.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom stepped back from his typical “green stump” and after a standing ovation from what would normally be a pretty skeptical crowd, he asked that the citizenry encourage mistakes rather than demand perfection of leaders who are willing to risk all for environmental changes in municipalities.

Following Newsom the stage hosts past conveners:

  • Paul Downton, Australia
  • Joan Bokaer, USA
  • Serigne M’baye, Senegal
  • Cleon Ricardo dos Santos, Brazil
  • Rusong Wang, China

Then greetings from:

  • Rosemary Enie, Cameroon
  • Ambika Shukla, India
  • Margarethe Sagevik, France
  • Shanta Lall Mulmi, Nepal
  • Janet Larsen, USA
  • Sahar Attia, Egypt
  • Carol Whiteside, USA

This is a meaningful experience. This is a truly global family of brilliant, compassionate warriors.

Jaime Lerner is up next.


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