Don’t miss Gary Braasch tonight

This event is tonight!

(sidenote – see this link for an update on the success of Gary’s book)

Photographer and author Gary Braasch will be presenting a special pre-conference event on April 21st, the day before Ecocity World Summit 2008. Our friends at have written a great post on Gary and the amazing work he’s done all over the world. Thanks go to Jesse Fox for the write-up and interview. Thanks Jesse!

“Environmental photography is a combination of nature and documentary work that focuses on the world as habitat and biosphere and source of everything. This most strongly includes humans, who as mammals are completely affected by the environment and as technological beings are changing it more and more.”

Part artist, part whistleblower, Gary Braasch is a one-man, wandering IPCC with a camera. Since 2000, he has traveled around the world documenting the effects of climate change for his World View of Global Warming project. His book Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World was published in 2007, and his next book How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming, a children’s book written with Lynne Cherry, has just been published. This week he agreed to share some of his work and insights with us at TreeHugger.

02CoalPlantNbrhdBraasch.jpg“The 2900 megawatt John Amos power plant near Charleston West Virginia looms over a neighborhood in Poca, across the Kanawa River. The Amos plant is consistently on the list of dirtiest power plants, its coal burning (2003 figures) makes it 11th in CO2 releases and 12th in SO2. It also emits mercury. Pollution from the 600 coal power plants in the US contribute to up to 30,000 deaths yearly. What to do about CO2 emissions is a severe issue now that the US government has delayed the experimental “FutureGen” sequestering project. It makes efficiency and conservation of energy all the more important.”


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