Ecocities in Europe

Yet another blip on the Ecocity Radar… this time from

Our future depends on energy… and as households and cars currently contribute to more than 50% of all energy consumption in the EU, new energy-efficient architecture can be an important approach to bring this percentage down. The European Commission has therefore supported the research project EcoCity, that looks at ways of making your home more ecologically friendly by reducing the energy consumption of private households.

For Rolf Messerschmidt from the architecture bureau Eble in Tübingen, the prime goal was to create an urban setting that makes the car obsolete. “The idea is to bring everything into walking distance,” he says, adding that everybody should be able to live, work, shop and dine in the neighbourhood. But this is not all.

Modern insulation material and the use of solar panels can also be used to reduce the energy cost of the housing itself. And there is probably no better place to experience this implemented on a massive scale than in Solar City, a newly developed suburb in the Austrian town of Linz.


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