Gary Braasch’s Earth Under Fire Top 50 Environmental Books & Media

Earth Under Fire:  How Global Warming is Changing the World by Gary Braasch has been chosen one of the Top 50 Environmental Books & Media — from Thoreau to today — by Vanity Fair (, “Green Guide” April 2008)

“This is a dramatically illustrated and fastidiously annotated survey of how climate change is altering the global ecosystem-from melting glaciers to animal migrations, to droughts-not to mention how it is affecting cities and societies. Photographer Gary Braasch, an Ansel Adams Award winner, and writer Bill McKibben go beyond the data of leading climate scientists and attempt to leverage information in the service of education. This may be the most deeply researched photo book of all time.”
Adam Spangler, Vanity Fair Green Guide

Gary Braasch is presenting his photography capturing global climate change at a special pre-conference event on April 21, in San Francisco. We posted about this here. Congratulations, Gary!

[More about this event]


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