Live at Ecocity World Summit: Terra Musica

Performing Thursday, April 24th, will be a special program of music brought to us by the Green Music Network.

Terra Musica

…a world of exotic instruments expressing sound and vibrational relationships from the heart of nature…

Featuring Green Music Network’s Evolutionary Music Ensemble:

Mark Deutsch, inventor of the Bazantar, 38 string Bass Viol. – visionary artist using nature’s vibrational DNA as his sonic palette. This results in a kind of “propulsive beauty” that can create shifts in consciousness.

Alan Tower, organic world acoustic – musical activist and composer on newly invented & ancient instruments – Huaca, Hang, Didjeridu Alan is the leader of Green Music Network. Steven Baker, instrument inventor – artist of sound and sculpture collaborating on theatre, dance and film projects internationally.

Quang-Tuan Luong, photographer – Luong’s photographs celebrate the splendor and variety of the natural and human heritage of planet earth, and try to convey to the viewer, in a visually beautiful form, the emotions of being in these special places.

Irina Rivkin, singer songwriter – gutsy poetic world-folk originals journey into the personal and political, with occasional travels into the languages of Russian & Spanish. Green Music Network Vision “retuning ourselves with nature to help heal our world

Interested in what these guys sound like together? The Green Music Network have put on a series of shows called the “Cave Concert Series” with some of the same line-up.

Part 1:

And part 2:

The Green Music Network at the intersection of science and spirit ~ developing a community of artists, healers, academics, activists and scientists in the creation of a new direction for sound and music to participate in the healing of our world. An “integral” music based on nature’s actual vibration — a “natural temperament” facilitating new musical art forms that can shift consciousness, provide healing and serve as a new model for sustainability. It’s a kind of vibrational ecology that links humans, music and nature in a fundamental way.


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