Auroville, The City That Unites Humanity

April 3, 2008

Mad ArchitectIt is easy sometimes to get sidetracked by all the nifty technology and planet-saving goodness that comes with ecocities and forget about the people part. Mad Architect puts a little focus on the social aspect in this post.


With more and more people talking about globalization, Lalit Bhati, an architect and urban planner, took the first step in creating a world where equality and harmony rules among people, disregarding the part of the Earth they are from, the language they speak or the color of their skin.

For this, he designed a city that will host 50,000 people in which the only rule for those who want to live there will be their desire for a harmonious lifestyle. Auroville would be the model for cities of the future, which should combine the possibilities of the modern age with the delight of great landscapes, nature having an important role in the day-to-day course of life.



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