Featured Presenter: India Flint

Many of the people we’ve featured here have been professionals, government officials, academics, etc. It’s important to realize that these are not the only kind of people who think that ecocity living is the next phase of human community development, and today’s featured presenter is a great example of the broad range of people who are attracted to the concept.

India Flint

Designer, artist, writer and occasional ragbag princess India Flint was born in Melbourne, took her first steps in Montreal (Canada) and has lived in diverse localities ranging from the red dusted Andamooka Opal Fields to lush valleys in the Austrian Alps. Presently she lives on a property situated on the eastern escarpment of the Mount Lofty Ranges, an ideal location to build a textile practice embracing art, theatre, science and fashion. Her distinctive clothing is labeled with a sewn-in eucalyptus ecoprint and is available at exhibitions or as sartorial salvage by commission. Each garment is individually handmade, embellished with stitching and dyed using ecologically sustainable plant dyes (a kind of botanical alchemy). Plants for dyes are sourced from the family farm located in the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia. A flock of sheep including Leicester Longwool as well as Merino provide wool for felting as well as being delightful companions.

She’s the author of Ecocolour, a book on using natural, sustainable plant dyes.

When you think about what an Ecocity would look like, throw in some more color; courtesy of India Flint.


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