Brent Toderian at Day 3

May 12, 2008

Featured Project: EcoDensity, Vancouver

March 3, 2008

EcoDensityOther than just being a great place to live, Vancouver, Canada may soon become a great green place to live. EcoDensity is their flagship green project, and the scope and breadth of what they are planning is pretty amazing.

In beginning this process, Vancouver is putting itself at the cutting edge of sustainability and ecoplanning for cities its size. The complete Draft Initial Actions [pdf] document gives a glimpse of this project. Still in the public input phase, the year and a half old project has a great spokesman in Brent Toderian. In our last post on Friday we featured Brent, Director of City Planning in Vancouver. It’s important to remember that no decisions have been made in this project, and that the Vancouver city council will make the final say on any concrete changes. Until then, we can applaud the vision that Brent and other Vancouverites have, and encourage the healthy dialog that will make projects like this possible all over.

Past the jump you’ll find some very enlightening info from their FAQ

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Featured Presenter: Brent Toderian

February 29, 2008

Brent ToderianDirector of City Planning in Vancouver, Canada Brent Toderian has been described as an “urban firecracker” and a “sophisticated urbanist.”

Add to that list one more: Speaker at Ecocity World Summit 2008.

As Director of City Planning, his broad mandate involves both current planning, including the many projects related to the up-coming 2010 Winter Olympics, and visioning/city plans. The eco-project that he is working on in Vancouver is a major urban re-envisioning called EcoDensity. EcoDensity is a concept currently being discussed with the Vancouver community. EcoDensity is an acknowledgment that high quality and strategically located density can make Vancouver more sustainable, livable and affordable.

In this segment from Greater Vancouver Television, he describes the goals that EcoDensity is striving for, and the community effort that is required to accomplish them.

For a truly illuminating peek into Brent’s work and perspective on all things urban, check out his blog.


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