BBC Interviews

April 26, 2008

Richard Register interviewed on Thursday with the BBC World Today – one of the most recognized broadcast media platforms on earth. He interviews again in just a few moments with BBC’s Weekend News out of London. We’ll post the clips as soon as we have them.

California Assembly Awards & Recognizes Jaime Lerner

April 24, 2008

Jaime Lerner receives award of recognition from California Assembly

RIchard Register, on behalf of Fiona Ma, presented Jaime Lerner with an award of recognition for his accomplishments and influence on the State of California.

Here’s video, followed by a 5 minute interview with Mr. Lerner.

Richard Register on Meet the Planet this Saturday

April 17, 2008

For all your Ecocity readers in the Bay Area, Meet the Planet will be interviewing Richard Register, 6pm Saturday, April 19. Tune into Green960AM to listen in, or if you miss it or live elsewhere you can find it right here next week.

Tuscaloosa News on Ecocity

March 18, 2008


From Tuscaloosa News… 

Rethink development. “Start approving new housing without any parking and create and expand a car-free street into a car-free district,” said Richard Register, designer, builder and author in ecological city design and planning, who is organizing the Ecocity World Summit in April. “Go for higher density in the mode of very mixed-use with the sort of architectural features I talk about in my books: Rooftop and terraced gardens and cafes up there, bridges between clustered buildings.”

Register, president of Ecocity Builders in Oakland, Calif., pointed to other cities that work with their universities to create new spaces where there were previously none.

“The University of California at Berkeley has nine bridges linking 18 buildings, or in a couple of cases, the building is a bridge with a large open ground level passageway,” he said. “These features could be emphasized and buildings on campuses brought close enough together to create streetscapes in one part of town, and/or campus while opening up other areas for natural and agricultural activities.”

Move away from sprawl. Register’s group, Ecocity Builders, has a mapping system that helps identify “vitality centers” for more development where people can walk to conduct business.

[Read entire article]

Radio Interview: Richard Register on Green Seed Radio

March 14, 2008
Green Seed Radio

Listen in on this interview of Richard Register that Mo Mellady produced for Green Seed Radio. It’s a great discussion of what an ecocity is all about, and what the goals of the Ecocity World Summit are.

Richard Register on Green Seed Radio

Richard Register is very knowledgeable and very accessible, and this interview acts as a great primer on the entire topic. Enjoy! Thanks Mo!


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